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Vanni watches out of the ship's window, looking at the city under as Anime is piloting the ship, "Wow, I've never been out of the city before!". "I'm guessing you're new to this world then". Vanni turns around and looks at Anime, "New to this world?". Anime gasps slightly, remembering what Queen Lina said during the lesson on her very first day, 'Some may not have recollection of their past, mostly ones that have been located onto different islands'.

Anime keeps on piloting, Vanni quickly goes back to looking out of the window, "Uhh Anime, why are we going faster?". Vanni looks at Anime, noticing she's going to ram into the giant sphere, "Anime, what a-".

'…I love you Anime…'
'…You die now girl!...'
'…I'll do anything to bring Sorez back!...'

"Anime, wake up, wake up!", as Anime slowly opens her eyes to a star-lit sky. Anime sits up, looking around, as if they were in a completely new realm. "I'm so glad you woke up! I woke up a bit ago, but I can't find the ship anywhere!". Anime stands up and gasps, looking down at a giant statue, of what seems to be a human wizard. Vanni looks down too, "Oh that, that's a weird looking statue right? Anime?", then noticed anime is running down the hill they are on and towards the statue, and decides to run after her.

"Anime slow down! It's not like we're in any danger or anything right!?". Anime slow down and sighs, walking slowly onto the land bridge over the lake, "Vanni, look at this place, it's destroyed in the edges, and it seems to be heading to the center. I don't see the ship or anyone else other than us out here. I'm going in there". Anime points towards the doorway at the foot of the statue. "Halt! You are trespassing on the property of Lord Tenebris!". A circle of light appears around both Anime and Vanni, as Vanni disappears, "Vanni!". Anime closes her eyes from the painful light that appears infront of her, waking up in a locked cell. Anime goes to the cell bars and looks around, noticing many others trapped, but Vanni nowhere to be seen.

"I see Anime has been captured, excellent work Tenebris".
Chapter 9! Enjoy!

Sorez: :iconmastersorez:
Anime: :iconanimelover2605:
Vanni: :iconmj-d:
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December 15, 2012
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