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"You three there, the ones that fought Tenebris. Follow me", as the queen of this island walks up to her palace. Deacon smiles and runs to the palace, "Finally I can be famous! Haha!". Anime smiles, "Well atleast we're all safe now, but after we ask around we have to go somewhere else I'm sure". Vanni gasps lightly, "But your ship's still in the Magic Realm! And the portals are gone now!". "Oh no… dammit! What are we going to do no-". "Excuse me madam, but the queen is waiting for you , go to the palace and freshen up for her announcement", as the guard walk away to the palace. Anime sighs and walks towards the palace with Vanni to the room the palace guards escort them to.

"So do you think this cape, or this cape, goes better with my new hero warrior clothes?", as Deacon smugly switches back and forth between almost identical capes, "Oh and hey, when are you two getting whatever reward you want, took you two long enough to get here". "We'll be getting our rewards soon, but me and Anime still don't know what to get". Anime sighs, "Nobody in the city knew anything about a way to bring Sorez back, so maybe the queen knows… but we still need a ship…". Vanni smiles, "I can ask for the ship so you can ask about bringing back Sorez, Anime". Anime usually doesn't like people doing that kind of big thing for her, but knows that it's the only solution, "Thank you, Vanni".

"Citizens of Mobius Island, I, your queen, is back safely from the Magic Realm! Thanks to these three fine heroes; Anime, Vanni, and Deacon!" They all walk outside where they are cheered for by all of the island residents. "Now Anime, Vanni, you two still don't have your rewards, what would you two like?" Vanni jumps in first, "A new ship!", and Anime, "A way to bring back a loved one…". The queen is surprised by what Anime wants, "Oh, please let's get inside to talk about that", and as they leave the crowd starts to disperse, except for one hooded figure, who simply stays there until the guards make him leave.

"Sadly Anime, I do not know of any way to bring loved ones back, but I do think someone in Pharaoh, the largest and most advanced island, which is now entirely a city. I'm sure you'll find something there, I'll get my workers to input the co-ordinates In the auto-piloting system of your new ship".

They wave goodbye to the citizens as they board their new ship, Deacon admiring himself in the reflection of one of the windows, and Vanni trying to change her look again. Anime sits in the front as the ship takes off, towards the city of Pharaoh.
Chapter 12! Enjoy!
Exams in February, so will be posting less, sorry!

Sorez: :iconmastersorez:
Anime: :iconanimelover2605:
Vanni: :iconmj-d:
Deacon: :iconig088:
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January 19, 2013
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