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"Please get us out of here!"
"Help us!"
"Kill Tenebris for me will ya?"

Anime keeps rushing through every cell, seeing families and others all trapped here. She finally finds a larger cell, where the queen of the island is, "I see you found a way out of your cell young fox, tell me, are you planning on saving all of us or just escaping on your own and leaving us here to rot?". "I'd never leave all these people behind, but first I need to find my friend Vanni". "Vanni, she's that girl I saw being dragged to Lord Tenebris' room isn't it?". Anime gasps slightly and runs towards the large door at the opposite side of the corridor, all the guards seeming to have vanished.

Anime slowly opens the door, to see Lord Tenebris, sitting on his throne facing some screens showing places on the prison, with Vanni caged next to him. Anime sneaks towards the cage, as Vanni finally notices her, "Ani-", and Vanni quickly closes her mouth at to not warn Tenebris. Anime looks at the wall, noticing a key hanging from it, and quickly goes to grab it, accidently dropping it on the floor. Anime looks at Tenebris, still looking at the screens. Anime sneaks back to the cage and starts unlocking it, "My master had told me that you would escape, very resourceful girl you are". Anime gasps as  the guards suddenly all appear around them. "Quick Anime! Get me out!", as Anime quickly unlocked the cage. They stand up to fight, Anime only having her fists to use. Some of the guards suddenly fall to the floor, as Deacon was behind them, ready to swipe, "Haha! Told you I'd be back!". Anime smiles as all three of them start fighting all the guards.

They all stand ready to fight any more guards if possible, as they hear clapping coming from the darkness, as a dark figure walks in, "Very good girls, and you too boy, I see all of you were made to fight together, sadly you all won't be getting out of this". "Yes we will!", as deacon rushes towards the figure with his sword, only to have the figure disappear when he was going to attack. "I'd love to stay and party with all of you, but I'm sure Tenebris has some plans for all of you".

Tenebris stands up, turning towards them ready to fight. Deacon laughs, "We can take him, he's ancient!". Vanni stops Deacon, "We can't kill him, he's just an old man being controlled! We need to destroy that throne!". "Fine, but if this doesn't work, he gets stabbed in the torso". Deacon runs towards the throne, as Tenebris blocks him with magic. Vanni attempts to cancel out his magic, seeing that the old man can't handle much magic, and Deacon continues running and slices the throne in half with his sword.

Tenebris falls onto his back, the entire realm starting to shake and collapse, "Thank you…", as his body disappears. Deacon sighs, "And he still died anyway, sheesh". They look around, wall the walls collapsing, "Don't worry guys, now that I'm out of that cage I fully use my magic again, get close to me!", as Vanni starts casting a teleportation spell back onto the island outside of the realm. Anime opens her eyes, seeing the town and people walking around, smiling happily, "You did it Vanni!". "And I think I might have teleported everyone else out too! My magic was a lot stronger in that realm!", as Vanni points towards the queen of the island.
Chapter 11! Enjoy!
Also, the guy in the picture isn't Tenebris, it's ??? :3

Sorez: :iconmastersorez:
Anime: :iconanimelover2605:
Vanni: :iconmj-d:
Deacon: :iconig088:
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