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"Let me out of here!", as Anime is shaking the bars of the cell in anger. "No point in even trying lady, lots of other people tried that on day one, never worked". Anime turned around to see an orange furred fox sitting against the wall, with some light armour on. "Name's Deacon, yours?". "I'm Anime, but I won't be staying here, I have to find my friend and get out". Deacon laughs and gets up, pointing at all the other hundreds of cells, "Do you think if there was a way out, there would be all those others trapped with us?"


"Let me go! I need to be with Anime!", as Vanni desperately tries to teleport her way out of the cage. Lord Tenebris looks at her from his throne, "My master has instructed me to keep you in there incase Anime finds a way to escape her cell". Vanni shoots a small magic spark from her cage to Lord Tenebris, trying to trick him into letting her out, "I bet my magic's better than yours! Come on, let's have a magic fight!". "My master has instructed me to stay on my throne and not leave it under and circumstances". Vanni looks at the throne, noticing some dark aura seeping into Lord Tenebris, "Tenebris! You need to get up, your.. uh.. master told me to tell you to stand up and uh.. open my cage!". Tenebris slowly turns his head away from Vanni and onto the screen showing him Anime's cell, "My Master has instructed me not to trust anyone with his orders". Vanni sighs and looks at the screen, "Go on Anime, I know you can find a way out".


Anime sighs and searches the cell for any holes or passageways to escape from, but gives up soon after, "Who am I kidding, stuff like that only happens in movies". "Movies eh? They don't exist in this world yet, but since you know of them I guess you were once human too", as Deacon smiles a bit and helps her up, "Come on, let's find a way out". Anime stands up and notice the lock on the door, heading to it and taking out a hairclip from her pocket. From all the supplies given to her, she thought a hairclip would be silly to be given from the King, but starts using it as a pick lock. "It can't be this easy", as the door slowly opens. Deacon laughs, "Apparently it is!"

Anime and Deacon manage to get out, closing the door behind them, noticing that there are guards patrolling the entire prison, "We need to find Vanni and then the ship". "Hey, I don't know who this Vanni is, but I'm going to go look for my sword. I'll meet up with you later!". Deacon runs off in the opposite direction, while Anime keeps on sneaking trough the prison, checking for Vanni in every cell.

"Just as my master has planned".
Chapter 10! Enjoy!

Sorez: :iconmastersorez:
Anime: :iconanimelover2605:
Vanni: :iconmj-d:
Deacon: :iconig088:
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December 22, 2012
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