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It's mostly just furries
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Sorez Reference Sheet by MasterSorez Sorez Reference Sheet :iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 14 17 Crystal's Art, lives on forever as a piece of wood by MasterSorez Crystal's Art, lives on forever as a piece of wood :iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 3 2
The Land in the Skies - Ch 12
"You three there, the ones that fought Tenebris. Follow me", as the queen of this island walks up to her palace. Deacon smiles and runs to the palace, "Finally I can be famous! Haha!". Anime smiles, "Well atleast we're all safe now, but after we ask around we have to go somewhere else I'm sure". Vanni gasps lightly, "But your ship's still in the Magic Realm! And the portals are gone now!". "Oh no… dammit! What are we going to do no-". "Excuse me madam, but the queen is waiting for you , go to the palace and freshen up for her announcement", as the guard walk away to the palace. Anime sighs and walks towards the palace with Vanni to the room the palace guards escort them to.
"So do you think this cape, or this cape, goes better with my new hero warrior clothes?", as Deacon smugly switches back and forth between almost identical capes, "Oh and hey, when are you two getting whatever reward you want, took you two long enough to get here". "We'll be getting our rewards soon,
:iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 1 0
The Land in the Skies - Ch 11
"Please get us out of here!"
"Help us!"
"Kill Tenebris for me will ya?"
Anime keeps rushing through every cell, seeing families and others all trapped here. She finally finds a larger cell, where the queen of the island is, "I see you found a way out of your cell young fox, tell me, are you planning on saving all of us or just escaping on your own and leaving us here to rot?". "I'd never leave all these people behind, but first I need to find my friend Vanni". "Vanni, she's that girl I saw being dragged to Lord Tenebris' room isn't it?". Anime gasps slightly and runs towards the large door at the opposite side of the corridor, all the guards seeming to have vanished.
Anime slowly opens the door, to see Lord Tenebris, sitting on his throne facing some screens showing places on the prison, with Vanni caged next to him. Anime sneaks towards the cage, as Vanni finally notices her, "Ani-", and Vanni quickly closes her mouth at to not warn Tenebris. Anime looks at the wall, n
:iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 0 4
The Land in the Skies - Ch 10
"Let me out of here!", as Anime is shaking the bars of the cell in anger. "No point in even trying lady, lots of other people tried that on day one, never worked". Anime turned around to see an orange furred fox sitting against the wall, with some light armour on. "Name's Deacon, yours?". "I'm Anime, but I won't be staying here, I have to find my friend and get out". Deacon laughs and gets up, pointing at all the other hundreds of cells, "Do you think if there was a way out, there would be all those others trapped with us?"
"Let me go! I need to be with Anime!", as Vanni desperately tries to teleport her way out of the cage. Lord Tenebris looks at her from his throne, "My master has instructed me to keep you in there incase Anime finds a way to escape her cell". Vanni shoots a small magic spark from her cage to Lord Tenebris, trying to trick him into letting her out, "I bet my ma
:iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 1 0
The Land in the Skies - Ch 9
Vanni watches out of the ship's window, looking at the city under as Anime is piloting the ship, "Wow, I've never been out of the city before!". "I'm guessing you're new to this world then". Vanni turns around and looks at Anime, "New to this world?". Anime gasps slightly, remembering what Queen Lina said during the lesson on her very first day, 'Some may not have recollection of their past, mostly ones that have been located onto different islands'.
Anime keeps on piloting, Vanni quickly goes back to looking out of the window, "Uhh Anime, why are we going faster?". Vanni looks at Anime, noticing she's going to ram into the giant sphere, "Anime, what a-".
'…I love you Anime…'
'…You die now girl!...'
'…I'll do anything to bring Sorez back!...'
"Anime, wake up, wake up!", as Anime slowly opens her eyes to a star-lit sky. Anime sits up, looking around, as if they were in a completely new realm. "I'm so glad you woke up! I woke up a bit ago, but I can't find the ship anywhere
:iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 1 0
The Land in the Skies - Ch 8
"Are you done packing for your journey?"
"Just about done…"
Everyone on the streets are cheering for the return of King Omni, but some know about what happened to Anime, and have given her supplies to aid her in her journey. King Omni smiled as he helped her onto the ship with all the supplies, "I hope you won't mind going alone, the people here need me". Anime put the last of her supplies down and went to the pilot seat, "I can handle it on my own Omni, and I've been reading on how to pilot this ship all morning". King Omni stepped out of the ship and stood next to Queen Lina, and both waved goodbye as she started up the ship and flown off towards the horizon.
Anime sighed, as she was now on her own. She drove the ship towards the nearest island in the horizon, which seemed to be a small city, not nearly as big as the main island. She noticed the island had two gigantic glowing spheres, but ignored them and went straight to the island. She landed the ship among the othe
:iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 1 4
The Land in the Skies - Ch 7
Anime holds Sorez's body, noticing it's disappearing into a haze of light, and as it disappears, she cries, tears falling onto wear Sorez was. She feels a hand on her shoulder, turning around to see the hooded figure from before, "You're safe now, I'll take you back home". Anime gets up with the help from the hooded figure, and takes her back onto Anime's ship.
Anime stares out of the ship's window, seeing the destruction of the island they were on, finally stopping. She looks at the hooded figure piloting the ship and asks him, "…Who are you? ...and why did you save me?...". He gets up, putting the ship on auto-pilot for the rest of the flight and stands infront of Anime, taking off his hood. "I am King Omni, I believe you know my love, Queen Lina". Anime sighs, "You only saved me because I'm 'The Chosen One' did you?".
"No, I saved you because a friend of Lina, is a friend of mine, and I knew that Abira was evil, I had to disappear from the islands because Abira wanted m
:iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 1 5
Fox Drawing (Shading) - Helped by Vanochi by MasterSorez Fox Drawing (Shading) - Helped by Vanochi :iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 0 0 Fox Drawing (No Shading) - Helped by Vanochi by MasterSorez Fox Drawing (No Shading) - Helped by Vanochi :iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 0 0 Kiriban - Silitha by MasterSorez Kiriban - Silitha :iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 2 3 Ponysona, Sorez (Hi Res) by MasterSorez Ponysona, Sorez (Hi Res) :iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 0 0 Ponysona, Sorez by MasterSorez Ponysona, Sorez :iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 0 1 Random Doodles during School by MasterSorez Random Doodles during School :iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 1 0 Fox Practice 2 by MasterSorez Fox Practice 2 :iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 1 3 Fox Practice 1 by MasterSorez Fox Practice 1 :iconmastersorez:MasterSorez 0 0
Enjoy my Deviations! :D


NO LINEART Tutorial: Done in Sai by KENZICHII NO LINEART Tutorial: Done in Sai :iconkenzichii:KENZICHII 1,378 181 Commission: HIIMCAPSLOCK by SilverDeni Commission: HIIMCAPSLOCK :iconsilverdeni:SilverDeni 173 3 Kyla Transformation by AkuOreo Kyla Transformation :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 330 11 Asriel x Zeydaan Fusion by StrawsDraws Asriel x Zeydaan Fusion :iconstrawsdraws:StrawsDraws 7 6 Blue Commission by StrawsDraws Blue Commission :iconstrawsdraws:StrawsDraws 16 3 Nova by maze-d Nova :iconmaze-d:maze-d 232 8 Mistletoe 2015 by Twokinds Mistletoe 2015 :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,604 135 Undehtehl by StrawsDraws Undehtehl :iconstrawsdraws:StrawsDraws 3 3 Cy the Husky Commission by StrawsDraws Cy the Husky Commission :iconstrawsdraws:StrawsDraws 23 4 Kastiel Badge Commission by StrawsDraws Kastiel Badge Commission :iconstrawsdraws:StrawsDraws 14 5 Shibasakiel Commission by StrawsDraws Shibasakiel Commission :iconstrawsdraws:StrawsDraws 13 1 I Couldn't Save them - Undertale Asriel by WalkingMelonsAAA I Couldn't Save them - Undertale Asriel :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 6,266 357 Farewell Undyne - Undertale Collab by WalkingMelonsAAA Farewell Undyne - Undertale Collab :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 7,871 437 flower saryn by zilvtree-zauani flower saryn :iconzilvtree-zauani:zilvtree-zauani 207 4 Nyx by zilvtree-zauani Nyx :iconzilvtree-zauani:zilvtree-zauani 338 13
My favourite Devations :D




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Fursona Reference Sheet:…

And then spring tomorrow. FINALLY, the dreaded cold, windy, rainy and cloudy winter is gone, and now for sunnier warmer days of spring <3
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CapitanoMud Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Hey Soreeez, haven't talked in a while!
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Hey! I'm great! Don't use DeviantART much except for seeing some art from you and other but I don't really comment anymore. I'm mostly spending my summer playing games :P

And my O-Levels went great!

Maltese: 6 (I took it as B not A)
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Maths: 5
Pyhsics: 5
Computing: 3

BTEC IT: Distinction++

ECDL: Pass
CapitanoMud Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
Ah same here to be honest lol
 I didn't pass from my Maltese exam this year so I'm also spending my summer reading in maltese all the time >:U also tons of maths and physics lessons

Oh wow, you got 2 in English! O: that's pretty good!!
What's BTEC IT?

Will you be going to college now? *u* Which one will you be choosing if you are?
MasterSorez Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm going to Mcast, because it will have Game Development as a subject soon.

BTEC IT is the hardware side of computer studies. More actual opening up PCs and such. Only 16 people from all of Malta were chosen to learn it in my year, so yeah, I was one of the chosen ones ;D
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